Packing for European Spring

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What to wear on a vacation is always a huge question. There are so many variables to consider. It’s rarely easy to just pack a bag. Right now in London you might think that it’s Spring and that you should pack a getaway of linen and summer weight scarfs. But you would be wrong. You shouldn’t do that.

Right now it’s April. It’s technically Spring. It’s beautiful in many parts of the US (post snow storm of course) and I hear Italy is starting to feel amazing. London? It snowed the last three days here. The 10-day forecast doesn’t get over 45 and that’s without accounting for the wind.  I refuse to give up on Spring though it doesn’t seem to be just around the corner. What to wear, what to wear? I ask myself this question every. day.

So here’s my heads up: Think hard before you pack for a Spring getaway.

Enter my imaginary bag. Below are the items that I would want to pack for an April escape and the one I should actually pack for most parts of Europe in the Spring.


Want To Pack: This dress feels like spring. The rigidness that comes with winter should fade into flowing pleats in March. I would wear this – and probably smile more than that model.

Should Actually Pack: I can’t leave town without a scarf. Not because they are cute and complete my outfit but because it keeps the cold from entering my bones. I love this one. It’s called “Plain one-color scarf.” Yeah, I don’t get that either.


Want to Pack: A swimsuit. I want enough sun and warmth that I can go to a pool or at least get to somewhere this would be worth having packed. Plus, it’s really awesome.

Need to Pack: This umbrella is actually what I need. It’s even called “London undercover” which is what you need when you go outside.


Want to Pack: Sheer maxi skirt. Just springy enough but with some edge. I’d love to be walking around in this instead of my thick tights and cords.

What I Need to Pack: This jacket is a great layer. I need to be able to add and take off layers at will as I change from indoor to outdoor activities. I think this would even work with a dress if Spring ever comes to this place.

Know where you are going - pack well - at least if it isn't really spring you can get cute warm stuff on super sale.


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