Oscar Party Picks - Cocktail Guide and DIY

oscarcraft The Oscar season is upon us! Among the award season, there is only one real crowning jewel - the Oscars. It's the award show that actresses and actors save their best outfits, hair, makeup, and jewelry for. It's also the one that we, the viewer, have the most fun getting riled up about. Because of this, Oscar parties are always not only fun, but necessary. Plus Oscar parties are always a great excuse to embody some of that old Hollywood glamor we miss so much. For this Oscar Party guide, I have provided for you a way to choose what you want to serve to drink at your party, and a way to serve those drinks as adorably as possible. Next week, I will be bringing you a guide to some different flavored popcorns you can serve, but for this week, imagine all of the different ways you can make this DIY your own (and the different drinks that can fill those DIYs!). DIY Movie Glasses DSC_0104 Washi tape is a crafter's special holy miracle sent to save our sanity and precious time. Seriously, if you've never worked with washi tape, it's time to try. There is so much to do with washi tape, and it is SO easy to work with that the minute you use it for the first time, you may swear off all other craft supplies. Ok, it's great, but it'd take a lot to make you swear off your other craft goods, but it gets close! For this cocktail glass DIY, I bought two different Washi tapes from Office Depot (I know! Office Depot has a ton!!). You can buy the tape other places, but in my area, this has the largest variety. In addition to the two tape patterns I bought (black, and black+yellow flowers).The color scheme for Oscar parties tends to go right in line with that Hollywood glamour theme I mentioned earlier. Blacks, golds, and red carpet reds are necessities.  I also bought metallic sharpies.  Funnnn. Why I don't own exclusively metallic sharpies is beyond me, but their my new favorites. This DIY is simple: -Wrap tape around glass - Write on tape with metallic sharpies. DSC_0116 DSC_0119 My original idea was to just have everyone write their pick for best motion picture on the tape, so that everyone is reppin' their movie throughout the watching experience. You can do this, but you could also write your choices for a couple of other categories too, and just put a new piece of tape on for the category you are rooting for next. This would take some planning on the host/hostesses part (looking up what order the awards are announced, and keeping people up to speed on that), but it could be a fun addition to your viewing. Regardless, at least have everyone identify their pick for best motion picture to have on their glass for the night. Best part is that when you are done, the tape peels off simply! DSC_0127 Cocktail/Drink Guide  Now what to drink in those adorable DIY glasses? I have come up four drinking options to satisfy any of your Oscar party guest. I used pairing with popcorn as a guide, so again, come back next week for that! Regardless, Oscar parties have to come with popcorn, what's more American than movies and popcorn? So be ready to have these pairs ready. oscarpartypicks Cava Cava is a sparkling wine whose addition to a cocktail can add a nice "umph." Champagne is always great, but by using Cava, you add a distinct change to your celebration. Champagane is something that is accessible at most parties, brunch, and celebrations, but how many times does your host/hostess provide Cava? Again, it's away to up the tradition of Hollywood glamour. IPA IPA's tend to be the best beers to pair with popcorn. The extra hops bring out some great flavors within the popcorn. For this I've chosen the Green Flash West Coast IPA. West coast IPAs are a little more citrus-y and thus add an additional brightness to your flavor. Here's a list of where to find this beer locally if you're in Arkansas. This list is from 2013, so there may be additional stores to this list. Raspberry Lemon Cocktail As you can glean from my foodie writing, I just have a lot of fun concocting different drinks and dishes to share with people. This is the cocktail that I made for New Years, but it's still one of my favorites. What I love best about this cocktail are that the flavors are ones that are delicious all year long. Since we are enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, enjoy a cocktail that reminds you of springtime lemonade and celebration! Martini (Or equally classic cocktail) This is really a no-brainer. Oscar parties are a great time to serve some cocktails that have stood the test of time. Martinis, Old-Fashioneds, and Manhattans are some of my standby favorite classics. If you don't know how to make these yet, this would be a great chance to add them into your repertoire. Enjoy luvvies! I'd love to see what washi tapes you choose for your glasses. If you do this, tag and share with Hello Luvvy on instagram! Happy Eats My Sweets! Melinda

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