One Word Kind of Love


Before Mat and I walked the aisle the preacher who married us had us fill out a survey of sorts. It asked us all sorts of questions about what we loved about the other person and how they other person loved us.

During our ceremony he talked about the funny bits of our answers and poked fun at how I walk differently when I get cold and how long I waited to respond when Mat first told me he loved me (Mat says it was one full minute but it was really just a few seconds).

Then he explained that in each of our answers a theme arose. I consistently wrote about how Mat prayed for us and Mat consistently wrote about how I served him. Prayer. Service.

One word.

Mat loves me in an abundance of ways. So many that I could write a whole blog post about it (I did on my personal blog just recently). But the one that stood out above the others when I answered those questions about Mat was prayer. Mat prays for me.

There is always one word that rises above the rest. A thousand words may apply but one comes to mind first. One is repeated over and over. One defines your interactions, relationship and care for another person.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. My daughter Faye had no idea. At four weeks old she can’t even say “Mother’s Day.” Which is good because if she could that would be really weird. But when she can say “Mothers Day” and with an understanding of what that means I wonder what one word will have risen above the rest to ultimately define how she knows she is loved.

Will it be prayer or service? Will she speak of kindness or gentleness? Will there have been many moments of patience or encouragement? Will she say I was fun or that I made her feel special?

Hopefully all of those will apply.

I don’t know what my one will be yet. I wish I could decide right now and make it true. But I don’t think that is how it works. Part of expressing the one word will be how God designs me to love and part is how he will teach me to love her best.

When I think about my mom I think her word is support. In everything and in an abundance of ways she was always supporting me. My dad used to always say, “Kelsey, your mom is your biggest fan.” He was right. That one word rises above the others.

Maybe one day I’ll know the one word. Right now I will focus on loving her consistently knowing that one of the thousands will rise above the rest.

So on this week after Mother’s Day here’s to you current and future moms all working on changing your little’s world with just one word.


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