On Trend: Korean Skincare Sheet Masks

If you've been reading Hello Luvvy for the past few months, then you know that I LUVV doing skincare masks. Admittedly, most of my masks are homemade and often edible-- no shame. But most of you also know that I'm endlessly obsessed with Korean makeup and skincare products! Today I want to share with you the secrets of the sheet mask: how they work, how much they cost, their various benefits, and even a creepy photo or two of me, mid-treatment! sheet masks_all ten The sheet mask has become more and more popular lately, no doubt due to its reputation as being the poor girl's daily facial. And in truth, the masks do seem to be crazy affordable; I bought a multi-pack that contained twenty masks from Amazon for around $10. I went with Etude House's I Need You Mask pack, mainly because I'm a big fan of their Korean cosmetic line and because the multi-pack offered so many treatments. sheet masks (33) Today I will be describing the ten sheet masks from my pack that I found the most unique, interesting, and beneficial to skin. Keep reading to learn how to properly apply a sheet mask (because chances are the directions on the package ARE NOT in English), as well as to see details on the various masks I bought, as well as my process and results from a treatment! Using Korean sheet masks: - Always apply mask to a clean, dry face. - Carefully unfold your mask and arrange it on your face around your eyes and mouth. - Leave mask on for 10 - 15 minutes. - Remove mask and rub in remaining product. - Repeat as often as you'd like-- these are gentle enough for everyday use! Here are photos and descriptions of some of the sheet mask treatments that came in my multi-pack: sheet masks_with text sheet masks (11)with text sheet masks (10)with text sheet masks (9)with text sheet masks (8)with text sheet masks (6)with text sheet masks (5)with text sheet masks (3) with text sheet masks (2)_with text sheet masks (1)_with text The mask I'm using for my Sunday facial is the "I Need You,Pearl!" mask sheet. As you read above, this mask contains hydrolyzed pearl extract, which brightens and tones the skin. sheet masks (15)sheet masks (19)sheet masks (21)sheet masks (22) Results are immediate (who doesn't luvv that?!)-- after removing the mask, my skin is taut, smooth to the touch, and extremely hydrated. The dull skin on my forehead and around my temples looks brighter and more even. And all that for less than a dollar?! YASS please! sheet masks (28) I cannot recommend using these sheet masks enough. Like I've said: the masks are cheap and oh-so easy to apply. And while they might not completely replace my usual yummy DIY'd masks and facials, they are definitely the answer to this bride-to-be's skincare anxieties. Happy Monday, luvvies! Treat yo'self and put on some lipstick! katie-sig

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