Oh no she didn't! Crop tops.

I have news for everyone. When you are doing your spring shopping, chances are finding an un-cropped top is going to be difficult. While this may understandably disgust and annoy many of you, I on the other hand have to admit my complete obsession. My relationship with high-waisted everything started a couple of years ago and I am basically to the point where I am not sure I own a pair of jeans that aren't high-rise, and I wear all my skirts as high as acceptable. My husband has likened my jean collection to "mom jeans" and I am rather okay with this (mostly because his fashion knowledge only extends to SNL skits). Here is what translates your high-waisted "mom jeans" of the 90's and your high-waisted skirts of the 50's to today: the crop. Now before you roll your eyes in disgust, understand that there are ways to venture into the crop trend without showing your bellies (as I have done below, sorry, not sorry). Pants and skirts are available at heights that will cover your tum while allowing you to wear some of the crops that you love. hello luvvy Darcy Munoz-0043 hello luvvy

/Top & Jeans F21/Shoes Target/Scarf H &M/Necklace Grey Dog Vintage Boutique/Bag ASOS/MGB Photography/

Still unsure about embarking on this trend? I totally get it. It's a little out there. But if you do decide to give it a try, as I have mentioned in previous posts, don't break the bank on trendy items.  I love going to bargain stores to try out a new trend in the dressing room. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to try some things on that you normally wouldn't. Sometimes once you get them on those are the things that make you feel the best and that you end up purchasing. If it helps, bring a friend that you know likes to have fun with her style. She will surely encourage you to make braver choices. I know I would!

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