NWAFW: Designer Night Backstage

Fashion week shows officially kicked off last night with Designer Night. It was an amazing event that highlighted some serious Arkansas talent. Last night I acted as volunteer coordinator, and while this job was intense, I truly luvved every minute of it. [caption id="attachment_5993" align="aligncenter" width="650"]nwafw2014 From left: Feeling rather legit with a walkie talkie. I ran into some of my favorite fashionistas Mallory Berry of MGB Photo and Payton Bridewell of The window shopper. Proud momma seeing HL info cards in the VIP bags and Back stage passes!![/caption] The hair and makeup team were amazing. L'Oreal Paris is the official beauty sponsor for NWAFW.  These models looked absolutely stunning. Lots of braids, super high fluffy top knots, and glowing skin were definitely the beauty trends. nwafw2014

The looks seen below are from designers Brittany Nicole, N.A. Martin, Judith & James, and Material Concepts. Everything was stunning. The hustle and bustle of designer night is so exciting. There is last-minute hand sewing of garments and quick changes into couture gowns that keep everyone running. It was unbelievably amazing to see the talent.

nwafw 2014 I want to introduce you all to Jade Terminella, entrepreneur and Founder of NWAFW. Creating a non-profit and seeing it grow every single year is something that is so inspiring. This event takes so much hard work and she is the gal who created and coordinates all of it. She works and runs the entire show every night. With hundreds of people involved in this event,  it is a hard job. Very hard. Props to this strong, independent woman who took on the challenge in 2012 of creating NWAFW that benefits our community, and donates thousands to local non-profits. She is definitely our Luvvly lady of the moment. nwafw 2014 Make sure you are following us on instagram (@hello_luvvy). I will continue to post sneak peeks and backstage excitement!

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