Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week: A Labor of Love

nwafw runway

As three of our regular contributors reside in the Northwest Arkansas area, I think it is safe to say that a good number of our readers do as well. Here at Hello Luvvy, we are very proud to support the empowerment of women and creatives, as well as any cause that raises money for organizations helping those who need it most. It should come as no surprise then, that Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week captured the attention of our contributors in its inaugural year in 2012.

I knew after attending one night of shows last year that I had to be involved on a larger scale in 2013, so when the call for assistants came, I responded enthusiastically. This year, as one of the executive assistants for NWAFW,  I assisted backstage during the shows as well as with the general production preparation and setup.  Prior to volunteering for this position, I had no idea what it took to build, organize, and produce an event of this magnitude.  I had no idea about the level of manpower and number of hands that would donate their time (and in some cases more) in the name of fostering local creativity and raising money and awareness for local nonprofit organizations. Now that I have seen it all come together, let me tell you, it takes an army. I learned so much from so many people throughout this experience about service, production, event planning, and problem solving. Those of us on the event team,  started attending meetings to plan for this event months and months ago, so to see all of our hard work come to an end (at least for a few months) seems so crazy! No two people inspired me more throughout this process than Co-Founders Danielle Vaughn and Jade Terminella, whose vision and dedication were the driving forces making this event possible. Bring it on, NWAFW 2014!

For those of you who attended this year and or last, what did you think?! If you are interested in finding out more about Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, please visit!


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