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It has been a few weeks since I have done an outfit post and it has been even longer since I called it the "Normal Girl." So I wanted to bring that back for this week. Let me explain: this last week we started a new series called Sincere Sundays. This is a series we are really excited about because we will get to have a candid discussion with our readers about issues women face today . That is what "Normal Girl" has always been about. I wanted to show you that this gal who didn't study fashion, and doesn't have a perfect anything, is willing to put her ideas about fashion out there to the vast space we call the internet. With the grind of life it is easy to forget to explain the passion behind what we are doing here at HL and why we started this. So don't be surprised if you find us a bit more focused and proactive in pursuing our starting goal to support and encourage women, all while having a blast doing it. fashion blog fashion blog DSC_0313 fashion blog shopthislook

Dress:Zara, Shoes:Asos,Bag:Ralph Lauren (T.J. Maxx)

We are now entering into a new season and fall fashion. I have talked about transitional fall clothing, and this is one of those transitional looks. The colors of this dress are very fall and the fabric is a little heavier than most summer materials, so you can wear it on a cool fall day or on one that is a little warmer. I absolutely intend to wear this dress into winter by adding tights and a sweater.

This normal girl will admit that while I was committed to showing you some fall fashion trends, I was basically having a heat stroke during this photo shoot. It was about 100 degrees outside the day we shot this look and I was dying. So I wouldn't recommend wearing this when it is 100 (oh what we will go through for a good photo)! This dress also plays on my obsession with fashion in the 60s. I love the silhouettes, collars, and cuts.

Happy Fashion Friday!



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