No Crumb Left Behind - Making the Most of Your Leftovers

Like a kid anxiously anticipating opening presents on Christmas, I am anticipating stuffing my face with loads of food. Alas, no matter how much I stuff my face, there will still be plenty of Thanksgiving leftover to fuel me for days.  After that second or third plate of turkey and stuffing, you may want to get creative with your leftovers! Here's a list of 5 left over recipes that will leave you creating something new and delicious, just click on the titles for the full recipe. 1. Turkey and Mashed Potato Potpies - For the Traditionalist  med107616-mashed-potatos_vert All hail Martha, the queen of all foods and crafts and everything fantastic, is always a go to for great recipes. This turkey and mashed potato pie is no exception to her awesomeness. 2. Green Bean Casserole Sandwich - For the Vegetarians green-bean-casserole-sandwich-sl-x I've never considered putting green bean casserole on a sandwich until I saw this on Southern Living. What a delicious way to use green bean casserole. This is perfect for vegetarians as long as you don't include meat in your casserole. This is something you could even use my brussles sprout casserole for, if you made it sans bacon. 3. Stuffing Waffles - For the Adventurous Foodie  20131115-stuffing-waffles-thanksgiving-10-thumb-625xauto-366363 Stuffing, WAFFLES. What a genius way to use a waffle maker. Pile up your stuffing, turkey gravy, and maple syrup for a savory treat. 4.  Turkey Posole Recipe - For the Packed House  turkey-posole-940x560 Do you have a house filled with people for the holiday? Are you wanting a quick and easy way to feed those people? Here's how to turn your left overs into a delish soup. 5. Lastly, Let the Games Begin - For the Food Network Aficionado lefto If you want to take those leftovers up a notch, why not make a game out of who can make the best left over dish? Get two or three of the best cooks in your family and have them compete to make their own unique take on a Thanksgiving leftovers dish. This is exactly what I want to do with my leftovers. Games, trying new food, and creating new recipes? Perfect food fun! Don't forget to show us your holiday spirit with #holidayluvv. We want to see what you're making, creating, and wearing! I'd personally love to see if you made any of my dishes  this holiday season, so don't forget to share. You guys are awesome! Show it off! Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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