New Year's Eve Makeup: Easy Contour for the Countdown

Happy Monday, luvvies! Now that Christmas is over (and I do hope you had an incredible holiday with your loved ones!), we have only a few days to prepare for the biggest night out on the town all year-- New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve is the exciting culmination of our amped-up, super-glam holiday season, and I see it as a night to celebrate all things girly and glittering. As most of you probably know, my top two girly-girl vices are as follows: 1) Makeup, duh; and 2) Tyra Banks (I have written in detail about my love of Tyra and America's Next Top Model). Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I realized that, lo and behold, my girl Tyra Banks has started her own makeup line! Joy to the [cosmetics] world, right?! Today I want to share with you two of the products from Tyra's line that are not only amazing, but also make contouring a total snap.  Introducing Sculpt in a Stick and Light in a Stick, the bronzer/highlighter duo better known as the "2 Minute TYover" Contour Set. NYEcontour (6)NYEcontour_beforeafter2 This set seriously makes contouring easier than ever before. To create a perfectly defined New Year's Eve look, follow the steps below. 1) Apply the Sculpt in a Stick bronzer in a smooth line from the hollow of each cheek back toward your ears. To create the perfect line, suck in your cheeks in a ridiculous fish face while you use the bronzer. (Seriously, that works.) While you're sculpting, go ahead and add a bit of the bronzer near your temples, right at the hairline. NYEcontour (17)NYEcontour (22)   Blend as needed. I used my fingers, but you could always use a makeup sponge or brush if you're feeling fancy. 2) Now use the Light in a Stick to reinforce the illusion of cheekbones that we just created. To do this, apply the highlighter in a large "C" shape, starting right above each eyebrow and then swinging around onto the apple of the cheek. Don't forget to also add a swipe of the highlighter down the middle of your nose. NYEcontour (34)NYEcontour (32)More blending needed, of course. Again, I used my fingers. And that's all there is to it, luvvs. Behold the results of the two-minute contouring power team that could only come from the beautiful brain of Tyra Banks. NYEcontour (40)NYEcontour_collageI think a structured, contoured face is a sure-fire way to bring the drama to a New Year's Eve look-- with these two sculpting sticks you'll be ready for the countdown to 2015 in record time. Have a great New Year's Eve luvvies, and don't forget your lipstick! katie-sig        

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