New Year Style + Giveaway!

New Year's Eve is always such an exciting night. There is something about the idea of kissing the old year goodbye and starting fresh that is just a little bit magical to me. I'm not really one for hard and fast resolutions, but I do think it is healthy to set some goals for myself. It is always nice to think of positive changes we can make to continue enriching ourselves in body, mind, and spirit, don't you think? Another great part about New Year's Eve is that dressing to impress is totally acceptable, if not expected. In the spirit of New Year's fashion and starting fresh while looking and feeling fabulously fancy, Darcy and I teamed up with Material Concepts and Grey Dog, A Vintage Boutique to bring you some fun and glamorous looks for your special night. TA1C7299 TA1C7387 TA1C7372 TA1C7391 TA1C7348 TA1C7382 TA1C7370 TA1C7394

Darcy's look- Red dress from Grey Dog

Kaitlyn's look- Jumpsuit from Material Concepts, Vintage fur stoll from Grey Dog

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