My Top 5 Gatsby Style Picks

My husband took me on a date tonight, and I chose to go see Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby. I won't lie to you ladies; while I love Fitzgerald, at least 75% of the reason I was so excited about this film was the fashion. I adore 1920s style. When The Artist came to theaters I genuinely thought I could never be so in love with film costume as I was at that moment. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I was completely enamored with the costumes in this film. Obviously, everything Carey Mulligan wore was flawless, but what really surprised me was how much my eye was drawn the men's fashion in the film. I thought I would share with you all a little list of my 5 favorite Gatsby looks, in no particular order.

purple drop-waist1) This purple lace drop-waisted number was gorgeous. I had a lot of trouble finding an image that would do it justice, so you may just have to trust me on this one. I have a thing for lace and have been very into lilac and lavender hues this spring, so obviously the moment I saw this dress I wanted to steal it off of the screen and hang it up in my closet.

gatsby suspenders2) These colored suspenders-- sooooo freaking dapper! My husband is a big fan of suspenders, which I have always loved, but the bold pair shown here is in a whole new realm of dashing.

cream suit3). I cannot say enough about this ivory suit. I have never been one who obsesses over the looks of Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, I guess he is a nice looking guy, but until this movie I never realized how incredibly attractive he is (okay... maybe there was that one scene in The Departed. You know the one? No? Okay, nevermind.) Anyway, I really think this ivory suit is what did it for me. Also, the color pairing of the shirt and mustard tie is perfection. Oh, and the matching pocket handkerchief. I die.

gatsby- daisy headband

daisy headscarf4. Care Mulligan's headwear. The top image kind of speaks for itself. I love the sparkles and the intricacies of it all. As for the bottom image, she really rocks that headscarf. My hair is about this same length, and I do not pull a scarf off like that.

gatsby- daisy sparkles5. Last but not least, I am completely enamoured with this sparkly gown. I love the cut, the length, and the glitz. My favorite part though, is the subtle lace slip detail that peaks out from the front bottom. Gorgeous.

Thanks for indulging me as I replay images of this film in my head. Have you ladies seen the movie? Did you love the costumes as much as I did?!


*Note: All images owned by Warner Brothers

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