My Top 5 Beauty Picks

Here is a list of my most current top five beauty picks!

say yes to carrots5. Yes to Carrots Facial Cleanser- A good facial cleanser is of the utmost importance. My skin is neither particularly dry or oily, but the "yes to" brand also has cleansers that cater to these skin types. Bonus- this product is made of 96% natural ingredients!

eye liner4. L'Oreal Lacquer Liner- I cannot say enough about this product. I adore the effect of liquid liner, but it takes me forever to apply. Plus, I usually end up smearing it everywhere. Does this happen to anyone else?! This is the perfect solution. It is thicker than liquid liner, so it doesn't smear as easily. Also, you paint it on with a fine-tipped brush, which gives you much more control over where it is applied.

nars3. NARS Blush-Bronzer Duo- While this is by far the most expensive make-up product I own (online it retails for $40-$45), I must say it is worth every penny. When I apply it in the morning, it lasts me all day. Plus, I really consider it to be an investment. I have been using mine for about a year and half now almost every day, and it is only about half used.

primer2. Two-Faced Shadow Insurance- It keeps your eyeshadow looking fresh all day, and prevents creases. Enough said.

essie resort1. Essie nail polish- Not only does this polish last me several days without chipping, but ohhhhh the beautiful color palettes! Eye. Candy. Shown above is the Resort Collection for 2013. I plan on owning every one of these gorgeous colors. .

What beauty products would be difficult for you luvvies to live without?? We'd love to hear your recommendations!


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