Must-Have for 2016: Dior's Fix It

Welcome to 2016, luvvies! I am so excited to begin another wonderful, beautiful (and beauty-filled!) year will all of you. In today's post, I am sharing my first choice (of many, I'm sure) for products you absolutely need to try in 2016. Dior Fix It (1) text The Fix It corrector stick from Dior is the ultimate multi-use product. According to the Dior website, the Fix It stick offers "1 stick, 2 textures, [and] 3 application areas." Fix It is made for the on-the-go luvvy, as it is marketed as a way to fix your makeup when you're "backstage," or in my case, "frantically trying to look presentable on a daily basis." Read on to learn more about this must-have product, as well as the three different ways it can be a total game-changer in your makeup routine.  1) Dark spots As most of you know, I'm 31 years old. Being in your thirties means dealing with a whole lot of skin issues that, quite frankly, you have no idea how to handle. For me that has been the appearance of dark spots on my face, undoubtedly due to years of SPF-less sunbathing. I also blame my birth control, which can cause melasma, also known as the "pregnancy mask." Sudden surges of hormones -- like those found in your birth control -- can cause dark spotting all over the face. And no lightening cream from the drugstore OR the department store will fade those dark spots. Trust me. Just accept that you're a slave to your hormones and learn how to properly cover the dark spots. Dior's Fix It is a fabulous place to start. Dior Fix It (5) Fix It not only covers those pesky dark spots, but works wonders on filling fine lines and reducing the look of pores. It's perfect to put on your naked skin or over your foundation. 2) Under-eye circles/shadows We all have our favorite concealer. For me, that's Bye Bye Under Eye anti-aging concealer from IT Cosmetics. BUT for those times when you're out and about and you need a little touch-up, the Fix It corrector stick is the perfect product. It's creamy formula smooths on like a liquid but dries and covers as flawlessly as a powder. Bonus: it never creases or settles into fine lines or crow's feet. Dior Fix It (8)Dior Fix It (9) 3) Lip primer Winter weather can be extremely hard on lips, especially if you're trying to pull off a bold matte lipstick. The Fix It glides onto lips and forms a perfect primed surface for the application of any opaque lipstick. It hydrates and smooths lips to help prevent running, cracking, or feathering. Dior Fix It (13)Dior Fix It (14)Dior Fix It (16) Yes, I realize that Dior makeup might be a bit of a splurge for post-holidays bank accounts. However, if you've got a Sephora gift card or some extra Christmas money lying around, you cannot find a more life-changing product for your money. It's gorgeous in design and it fits perfectly in any purse or pocketbook. Dior Fix It (20)   So go ahead and welcome in the new year with one gift to yourself that will keep giving throughout 2016. katie-sig  

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