Must Capri: La Minerva

There are some hotel searches that are easy. Check for a Starwood property or go to your favorite boutique hotel website (mine is Mr. and Mrs. Smith), and they serve to you a few options of nice hotels at a price that allows you to eat all three meals while you are away. Searching for a place to lay our heads to rest in coastal Italy was not that way at all. It was miserable. Then I started Pinterest-searching for hotels. This is a great idea. So many destinations that you want to go visit, other people want to visit as well. Pinterest is really about taking advantage of other people's hopes and dreams, and when it comes to hotels, I say go for it. It was one fateful Pinterest search that brought me to La Minerva.


I was so excited about it. After searching for far too many hours, we finally found a place.


And it did not disappoint. We stayed in two different rooms. The first was pretty small but still had plenty of space for a travel crib. Faye found the curtains entertaining regardless of the size of the room. DSC09421 The second was certainly more spacious and begged for us to lounge during the slow parts of the day. DSC09655 It had a tiled patio from which you could see the ocean. Mat and I shared Italian takeout on this patio after Faye went to sleep - wild ones we are.


Faye loved the little bench and sat on it every chance she got. DSC09707 The property is oh-so-Capri in every good way.  It's elegant without being over the top.


It boasts beautiful tile work, a trademark of the island.


The pool is the perfect place to sit throughout an afternoon. Especially since they don't let noisy kiddos at the pool post-noon. To get there you get to walk past potted lemon trees. See, it's so Italian. DSC09876 The bottom floor is a mini art gallery. DSC09856 They have traditional pieces and local artistry. It's definitely worth a stroll from every patron, but you might be lucky enough to have one of the rooms nestled between the pieces. DSC09871   DSC09864 Every morning the terrace turns into the perfect spot for breakfast.


The whole spread is amazing and you can order eggs benedict and a black coffee, or maybe lemon crepes to go along with the pastries.


Given the chance you wouldn't want to pass this cake up-- I mean, I ate two pieces every morning.


Faye especially loved the ceramic dog, as well as the youngest of the three charming Italian brothers who run the establishment. This hotel has been in the family for three generations - that's a good sign.


Go to Capri and stay at La Minerva. It'll be so good you won't be able to keep yourself from running through the room. DSC09678 kelsey-sig

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