Must Barbados: Zed's Surf Adventures

Must Barbados_Header-01 I made a commitment earlier this summer. I said I was going to do something other than sit on the beach in Barbados. Specifically, I said I was going to surf. And I promised that I would take pictures and post them to the internet right here on Hello Luvvy. I'm a woman of my word, you see.

UP 1

And now I also consider myself a surfer. Since I've been once and all. I'm like legit. Can I just say I didn't plan on doing this and succeeding? But you know what, I got up on my very first wave and it was awesome.

Putting In

So awesome that I want to go back so so very badly. When you go to Barbados, (because you have to go and I totally wish you all could have come with me), you have to promise you will surf. And use Zed's surf school. The Spot I didn't get a change to meet Zed himself, but my husband has met him multiple times and thinks he's totally rad. I primarily learned from Junior. My two hours consisted of a handful of minutes learning the motions on the sand, followed by the better part of two hours with in-water instruction that is guaranteed to get the least-coordinated luvvies riding a wave.

First Time On the board

There is something about floating on top of the ocean, waiting calmly for a wave to either topple you over into its depths or take you to its shallows that makes you feel conquerable and in control all at the same time. And it leaves you giddy: a surfer's high if you will. Rash Gaurd If conquering something totally different than your everyday activity doesn't get you hyped on it's own, you can add to that feeling that you will have a totally legitimate reason to buy a rash guard. I got mine at a local surf shop and I have no idea what brand it is. But these rash guards would all do the trick! So many places make them these days that you can look like any kind of surfer you want. living with your souviners_Header-01 The sweet liberty print keeps you all feminine-like. The single striped sleeve version is my favorite because well, I like to look like I've been there before even when I haven't. If you want to feel a little fierce, that leopard zip up is the way to go. And there is no reason to leave your love for everything J.Crew behind when you pick up a surf board. Those nautical stripes are classic. And saying, "Yeah, I surfed" feels pretty sweet. Zed's will get you there. Go to Barbados, chill out on Mullin's Beach, eat at Cutters and surf with Zed and your trip will be as perfect as you could possibly imagine. kelsey-sig

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