More Bang for Your Beauty Buck: Multi-Use Makeup

Happy Makeup Monday, luvvies. Now that spring has officially arrived, I am busier than ever and I’m guessing that you are, too. One way to make life run a little more smoothly (in the morning, anyway) is to condense your makeup routine, so today’s post is all about products that are multi-purpose. If you've ever been in a pinch for a little eye/lip/cheek color, chances are you’re no stranger to substituting a smear of whatever lippie was buried in the bottom of your purse. The following brands have cashed in on that very idea with these amazing lip-to-cheek (and occasionally –to-eye) crème products. beauty2 1) NARS The Multiple: NARS_the multiple duo   NARS is pretty much the first name in blush, and this multi-purpose crème stick is sure to stand up to the brand’s rep for providing rich color with just the right amount of shimmer. The Multiple is available in tons of shades and even in an “Illuminating” or “Matte” version! 2) Stila Convertible Color: [caption id="attachment_10986" align="aligncenter" width="700"]stila_convertible color_via image via[/caption] While Stila is typically my go-to brand for eye liners, this is a pretty tempting product; it offers more of a stain to either cheeks or lips, and is super hydrating! Can be applied with finger tips or with a synthetic-fiber brush. 3) Benefit Fine-One-One: [caption id="attachment_10982" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Benefit_Fine_One_One_Duo_via sassi sam blog image via[/caption] When I started doing research for this post, this is one product I stumbled upon that I’d never seen before. But I have to admit, it looks amazing. I don’t think blushing, highlighting, and lip coloring get much easier than this all-in-one stick. 4) OCC Crème Color Concentrate: OCC creme color concentrate duo This brand has it all: all of their products are highly pigmented AND vegan/ cruelty-free. I’m a huge fan of OCC’s liptars, and I know that this crème color concentrate has quickly become one of their best-sellers. 5) RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek: lip2cheek_beloved How gorgeous is this pretty lippie-blush combo from RMS? This is one of my favorite newly-discovered brands. Lip2Cheek is a really light, buildable product, and they even mention on their site that, due to high pigmentation, “a little goes a long way.” I am so in luvv with these simple, time-saving creme colors. How do you save time (and money) in your spring makeup routine? katie-sig

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