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by 1 July 09, 2013

On my first day in Mexico my friend Iliana was going to show me the downtown of Guadalajara. After eating some homemade juevos con chorizo, my personal favorite Mexican breakfast c/o Ili, we got dressed and ready for our downtown adventure. As soon as I saw Ili I said “Chica you look so perfectly Mexicana can I take your picture for Hello Luvvy?” She laughed and obliged, I am sure only because I was her guest, and being a guest in Mexico basically means “you are the boss” as Ili told me when we first were reunited in the Guadalajara Airport.


I love what Ili is wearing, perfect for walking all day through the Guadalajara Mercado (San Juan de Dios). The necklace is from Oaxaca and made from a native seed called Guaje.


Iliana is Mexican, she was born in Oaxaca MX, where she lived until she was 7. She and her family then moved to Canada until Iliana was 14 and then to Dallas, Texas. Iliana was and is a very hard worker; she excelled in tennis and was accepted to the University of Arkansas on a full tennis scholarship. It was here that we met and she became one of my absolute best friends. After graduating from the University with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Ili spent 13 months traveling to 17 different countries around the world. After her travels she was accepted into medical school in Guadalajara MX. Due to the financial crisis in the U.S., funding for medical school became impossible and Iliana started working at HP. She has excelled there and is now in school finishing up her MBA. Iliana’s entire family still lives in the U.S. But she wanted to get back to her roots, and doesn't seem to see herself leaving anytime soon.


I wanted to tell Iliana’s story because she is an example of what you can accomplish through hard work and perseverance. From her days on the Arkansas tennis team to her currently climbing the cooperate ladder she is an example to all women. I think that one of my biggest annoyances with our gender is the excuses, and often the helplessness, the feeling that we can’t accomplish something alone. Women have been victimized for centuries, bound to child bearing, to abusive relationships, to being uneducated. But not anymore: we can truly accomplish anything we desire if we work hard and are determined.


Thank you Iliana for letting me feature you on this website and for an incredible time in Guadalajara MX.