Merci: Outfit Post

The day I walked into Wit & Whimsey and saw this Merci sweater, I knew she had to be mine. You see, I am one of those girls that is a sucker for all things French-inspired. As you roll your eyes and have pity on my inability to turn away from graphic tees that I'm sure no French girl would be caught dead in, I will tell you that I do practice self-control in the realm of manufacturers taking advantage of girls like myself. I don't buy electric blue Eiffel Towers at Hobby Lobby or large prints of Paris at Target. I try to keep it chic. Now that we understand each other, you can imagine how happy I was to find this perfect fitting, very comfortable sweater, that is just chic enough I can indulge in my Francophile ways and happily wear it with anything, everyday. The track pants are the end all to the comfort level of this outfit. This is the moment where we can all thank the fancy pajama gods for cutting us a comfortable break. But finding the right track pant can be tricky. I have found that you want there to be some shape involved in the pant. These fit high, defining a waist and have a  flat front instead of elastic—two essential details. Darcy Munoz-2601 Darcy Munoz-2611 Darcy Munoz-2616 Darcy Munoz-2593

Black Dot Track Pant, Merci Sweater, Dooney & Bourke Crossbody

What styles are you a sucker for?

If you ask me, I say go ahead and indulge in it. Have fun with it!


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