Masking Tape Manicure DIY

Don't have the steadiest hand? Well here is one easy way to get the fun nails you want without going to the salon and spending lots of cash. Check it out luvvies!


Choose a base color and an accent color. Paint your entire nails with your base color then let dry completely.

DIY nails

Next, take masking tape and cut it into a square. Then cut a small triangle out of the bottom and stick it to your nails. You can use this piece for every nail, or you could cut one for each individual nail (less messy). Then just paint on your accent color.

DIY nails

And that is it! You can take a Q-tip with polish remover to clean around the edges, then paint over with clear polish to make them shine and last longer. You could use this method to make French tips or a Chevron pattern very easily. Have fun with it ladies!


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