Manic(ure) Monday: Five Fall Manis for November

Now that Halloween is over, we can focus our attention on the dark, moody makeup and nail shades of fall. Below you'll find links to five different manis that I'm just dying to try out this month (because let's face it, once December arrives, my nails will be prepped for Christmas!). 1) Essie's 'Power Clutch' fall manis_power clutch I love a nice green-grey manicure. This look, which you can read more about here, is simple and will match browns, blacks, navy, or gray. It's a fall go-to color! 2) Oxblood Nail Art fall manis_oxblood Deep burgundy is perfect for chilly days: it's dark, dramatic, and easily glamorizes your boots-and-coat look. And this particular tutorial is especially easy-- just remember to paint your dominant hand first! 3) Orange and Blue Dots fall manis I'm a sucker for an easy-peasey dotted mani-- I even did a tutorial last year on how to make your dots perfect! The navy and orange combo slays for fall. See this look here. 4) Navy + Cheetah Accent fall manis_navy and cheetah Now before you roll your eyes at the mention of a cheetah design, really take a look at this nail art. It's clean, simple, and pretty freaking chic. Plus the cheetah pattern is actually quite easy to copy. Read more about this design here. 5) Cobalt + Gold Stamping fall manis_blue and gold Yes, I'm still obsessed with cobalt blue. And when you add gold to the mix, all I can think is "instant glam!" How easy is this tutorial? Paint your nails blue and let dry, then use a wadded-up ball of cling wrap to stamp with gold polish. Remember luvvs: fall trends are all about deep hues and simple elegance. And yes, even polka dots and cheetah can be elegant when used sparingly! Have fun with your fall manis, and complete the look with some lipstick! katie-sig  

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