Makeup Monday: Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


Another highly requested topic for Makeup Monday is the proper application of a winged eyeliner look. This trend has really caught fire over the past year, and with celebrities still constantly rocking the cat-eyed look, I thought it was time to do a simple tutorial.

[caption id="attachment_3233" align="aligncenter" width="395"]nothing says "60s glam" like a heavy winged eyeliner. nothing says "60s glam" like a heavy winged eyeliner.[/caption]

Today I’ll be showing you the easiest way to pull off a dramatic winged look. My secret? Tape.


To begin, prep your eyelid with a primer and whatever shadow you’d like. I’m keeping things simple, using only my Benefit eye primer and a pinky nude (“Walk of Shame”) from the Naked Essentials palette.


Pro Tip: Save your under-eye concealer and powder for after you've finished with your eyeliner. Since we’re going to use a tape stencil, you don’t want to peel off your base makeup!

Place one piece of tape on your top lid, angling the tape from the inner corner of your eye out toward the outer end of your eyebrow. You might want to do the top lid on your other eye afterwards in order to keep things more symmetrical.


Then place a second piece of tape below your bottom lash line, being very careful to avoid trapping any lashes under the tape. Arrange the bottom tape so that it intersects with your top piece, then repeat on your other eye.


Now you’re ready to apply your eyeliner. I’m using Revlon Colorstay Gel Liner in brown. While black is best for full-on drama, the brown liner works well for a daytime wing.




Don’t worry if your lines aren't perfect; that’s what the tape is there for!

Now peel your stencil off and pat yourself on the back—you just created perfect wings!



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Happy Monday, luvvies! Now go put on some lipstick.


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