Makeup Monday: Vampy Gradient Lips

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The essentials of the fall season have begun to pop up rather frequently on our Instagram feed: new boots, adorable light jackets, pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything, and the berry-licious makeup shades that you’ve been dying to wear since the end of August.

One trend I’m absolutely loving is that of the berry-hued gradient lip. This style is not only a fun update to your fall face, but is also perfect for a vamped-up Halloween look.

To start with this look, I filled in my brows pretty heavily. To fill them in, I used the Faint shadow from my Naked Basics eye palette. A small angled brush works best on my brows!

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I kept the rest of my eye makeup relatively light: I used a Champagne primer from Two Faced, the Naked 2 shadow from the Naked Basics palette, and a slight bit of Faint (the same shadow on my brows) in the crease of my lid. I also used the tiniest bit of Walk of Shame, also from the Basics palette, to highlight below my brows and in the corner of my eyes.

I finished up my eyes with a super-tight black line and some black mascara.

vampy gradient lip (3)

I down-played my cheek color as well, seeing how I’d like my brows and lips to be the focal points of this vampy look. I used Covergirl’s Instant Cheekbones contouring blush palette to create some very subtle definition.

[caption id="attachment_4188" align="aligncenter" width="450"]keepin' it classy with some velcro curler realness. keepin' it classy with some velcro curler realness.[/caption]

Finally, to the plum-tastic pout! For this gradient look I’m using two different LipTars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics:  my lighter shade is called NSFW (ha) and my darker shade is Vintage. You can really use any two complementary colors, but these two proved to be the easiest to blend.

vampy lip gradient products

I started by applying my lighter shade into the center of my lips, both on top and on the bottom. Leave the outer corners of your lips alone; you’ll be applying the darker shade there.

Using your darker shade and a lip brush, carefully apply your second color to the outer corners of your lips, gently blending the two lipsticks together where they overlap. With some delicate blotting and blending, you should end up with a to-die-for lip look.

vampy gradient lip (12)

For a full tutorial, check out my (silly) video below. **Disclaimer: this was a live take. Because of the awesome staying power of OCC LipTars, there was no potential for a "take two." Therefore, be prepared for lots of oopsies and dog interruptions.**

Clean up any messy edges with a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover. I used the Precision Tip Q-tips because they’re the most amazing beauty product ever.

vampy gradient lip (14)

If you’d like a glossier look, slick on your favorite gloss. I like the matte look of the LipTars, as you all know.

Snap a picture of your gradient lip attempts and post them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We’d love to see your own take on this awesome vampy trend, so make sure to tag them #luvvylips!

Thanks for reading and now go forth to put on your lipstick!


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