Makeup Monday: Tasteful Nudes

Welcome back, luvvs! I thought we'd celebrate Hello Luvvy's first birthday with some tasteful nudes. As you'll remember from my last Makeup Monday post, my recent beauty focus has been on achieving a soft, youthful glow for the upcoming warmer months. Now as much as I luvv the drama of a bright lipstick, lately I've been more and more enchanted by the soft, understated look of a nude lip. tasteful_nudes_feature image True nude lipsticks (not the pinky-peachy-frost-shimmery stuff) are the perfect lip look if you're trying to bring attention to other features of your face, such as your eyes, your brows, and your glowing skin. This can make for the perfect spring/summer look! In this tutorial, I'll share my perfect barely-there lipstick shade, as well as my little trick for giving the nude lip some depth.

tasteful nudes_gif

To begin, I quickly coated my lips with the tiniest bit of my foundation (which, in this case, is Garnier's BB Cream).


Once I had created that even tone, I used Revlon's ColorStay lipliner in Natural to do a preliminary lining around my mouth.


After I lined my lips, I applied Revlon's Honey Bare (840) all over my mouth. [caption id="attachment_6249" align="aligncenter" width="541"]tasteful nudes (5) i just love this natural shade: it almost matches my normal lip color, but adds the perfect shine and volume.[/caption]

tasteful nudes (32)

Now we could stop here. As Darcy put it, a nude lip is "instant chic." But to give my natural look a little extra oomph, I busted out a rosier lipliner: Revlon's ColorStay liner in Blush.

tasteful nudes (35)

I used the Blush liner under the center of my bottom lip, and also in the  middle of my inner bottom lip.


That's it-- the perfect, tasteful nude lip! The little hint of pink creates some depth and warmth to an already fab look.


Now go try out your nude lipstick! Katie-Signature  

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