Makeup Monday: Soft Grunge

I feel like once the chilly weather begins to move in, my color preferences move toward the darker, moodier shades of autumn. Whether that shift manifests in decor, dress, hair color, or makeup, it's most definitely an early signal that summer is officially gone and boots-plus-PSL season has begun. Wearing darker makeup can be tricky, especially when you're a thirty-year-old English teacher. For this reason, I figured that near Halloween would be the best time to give the smudgy, bruise-colored shadows and brooding rust-toned lips (often described as "soft grunge") a try. soft grunge (14) For Lips: Try matte colors that warm up your face without being bright or shimmery. I luvv shades of rust and deep auburn. For this look, I used Revlon's wildly popular Black Cherry. soft grunge collage1 For Eyes:  Don't be afraid to incorporate some drama. Normally we'd want to avoid using darker colors on both the eyes and the lips, but the soft grunge look already feels so effortlessly cool. Skip eyeliner to keep the look uncomplicated, soft, and the tiniest bit messy. Here I used CoverGirl's Daring Nudes shadow quad. soft grunge collage2   I swept the brown shadow across both lids and below each eye, then packed the deep purple shade into my crease. Then I blended like a mad woman to produce this warm, feminine color that reminds me of wet earth. soft grunge (12)   [caption id="attachment_9080" align="aligncenter" width="700"]soft grunge realness. soft grunge realness.[/caption] This soft grunge face is dark but still feminine, and would be totally appropriate for a bonfire, date night, or for a low-key Halloween look! Happy Makeup Mondays, luvvs. Get grungy with your lipstick! katie-sig

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