Makeup Monday: Lessons in False Lashes

  lashes_feature imageReading Darcy’s amazing article last Friday (about the power of perfect under garments) really got me thinking about all the little “behind-the-scenes” secrets we use in the beauty world. One trick that I will openly admit to luvving is the false eyelash trend. I don't wear them everyday, but taking the extra time to apply them definitely gives me an extra boost of confidence. I know wearing falsies might seem old-fashioned, and it is. So are powerful red lipsticks or the delicate waves of pin curls. These days, the ultra-feminine style is back, and getting a glam look using false lashes is easier and more affordable than ever. False lashes are the perfect accouterments for a nighttime wedding or for a lunch date with your girls. Plus thicker, fuller lashes can make your eyes look brighter, bigger, and younger. Read on to see what your options are. 1. Strip lashes lashes_strip collage1 If time is of the essence, then the strip lashes are for you. This type of falsie is quick and easy to apply, and with careful use and cleaning, can be worn several times before being tossed. Strip lashes also lend themselves to more style options. Some are thicker, some flare out toward the outer edges of your eye, and some have colors, feathers, or jewels lightly embedded in the lash fibers (for your wilder nights out). lashes_strip collage To apply: Make sure your strip is a good fit; hold it up to your natural lashline and, if needed, trim excess lashes from the strip. Then, take the strip and apply just the tiniest bit of adhesive across the base of the strip. When it comes to eyelash adhesive, LESS IS MORE. Apply the lash strip onto your real lashes as close to your natural lashline as possible. That’s it! Enjoy your fun new look. 2. Individual lash fillers lashes_individual collage These offer a much more subtle look, but will still give eyes that extra brightness that will definitely make people do a double-take. However, applying the individual lashes can be a bit more time consuming, making it a more difficult product to work into your makeup routine. I prefer to wear the individual lash fillers because they give me the extra volume and length I want, without the heavy drama of a strip lash; in other words, I can feel good about rocking the subtle individual falsie with a lighter face of makeup. lashes_individual collage2 To apply: Place eight to ten individual lash bundles (which are normally bunched by threes) onto the back of your non-dominant hand. This is also the hand that will hold the adhesive. With your tweezers in your dominant hand, grab each lash bundle, carefully apply an itty-bitty dot of adhesive to the end, then slip the lash on top of your natural lashes. Again, you’ll want the sticky end to be as near to where your lashes meet your lids as possible. And there you have it: insta-glam! [caption id="attachment_7765" align="aligncenter" width="700"]lashes_adhesive collage i've used both of these adhesives before and they are excellent. they'll work on either type of lashes.[/caption] To remove either type of falsies, I would recommend using a gentle oil cleanser to soak off the adhesive. Then you can just easily pull the false lashes away from your natural lashes. Don’t try to remove them without using oil or soap – you could end up pulling out your real lashes! Some women wear their falsies so frequently that they buy them in bulk! For information on ordering and pricing, click here. Enjoy this week with some added flair. Now go put on some lipstick! katie-sig

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