Makeup Monday: Korean Makeup

korea_sokoglam As I've gotten more familiar with the online world of beauty blogs, e-mags, and tutorials, I've realized that when it comes to makeup and skincare, the women of Korea have got it figured out. Thanks to the website, American girls can now get their hands on the amazing Korean products that are shaping the future of the cosmetics market. Today I want to share with you some of the most popular products on their website. 1) Iope - Air Cushion korea_iopeduo This is a lighter-than-air foundation compact with TONS of luvvly benefits: It's a sunblock, it evens skin tone, and it can touched up throughout the day without becoming cakey. It's super-hydrating and offers beautiful buildable coverage. This is a must-have in the world of Korean cosmetics. To apply, you can use a brush, a beautyblender, or even a simple makeup sponge. 2) Etude House - Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker korea_etude_duo Ok, I'll admit: this one seems a bit bizarre. But the goal with this eyeliner/ highlighter duo is to make eyes appear fuller, rounder, and a little bit buggy. You know those little fat pouches of skin that you had under your eyes as a child? Well this product is intended to recreate that same doe-eyed look, but without the aegyo sal surgery that restores the volume to the lower lids. (This is a real thing.) To use the "Cute Eyes Maker" liner, apply the highlighter directly under the lower lash line, then finish by applying the darker, nude product directly below that. 3) Tonymoly - Delight Tony Tint [caption id="attachment_7507" align="aligncenter" width="700"]image via image via[/caption] This is yet another product with cult-like popularity. Soko Glam offers three shades of the Tony Tint, and compares the product with Benefit's Benetint. The tint itself is beautifully wearable and, as it contains yummy ingredients like rose hips, pomegranate tree oil, and jojoba seed oil, it has natural benefits for your lips. And let's get real: the heart-shaped tube is ADORABLE. Like Benetint, the Tony Tint would serve as a gorgeous cheek tint, too! All three of these products are relatively affordable and, as before mentioned, can be snagged through the brilliant Stay tuned for an up-coming post about Korean skincare, which is even more important and involved than their makeup routines. Now go put on some lipstick -- or as the Koreans say, "libseutig e neoh-eo!" (Thanks, Google translate.) katie-sig  

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