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Makeup Monday: How to Wear Dark Lips for Halloween

by 2 October 27, 2014

I hope you ladies are down to read one more Halloween inspiration post from me! Today's post will not only give you an idea for an easy Halloween face, but will also show you how to rock dark lips for the rest of the fall and winter seasons. Step One: Scrub ombre lips (5) ombre lips (6) Dark lipstick looks best on smooth lips, (DUH), so use a lip scrub to clear away any dead skin (you can easily make my DIY lip scrub from ingredients you have in your pantry RIGHT NOW). You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Step Two: Line ombre lips (13) ombre lips (15) Unlike nudes, pastel shades, or lip glosses, darker lip shades demand a carefully lined mouth to ensure that dramatic color is defined. Step Three: Fill [caption id="attachment_9324" align="aligncenter" width="700"]for my base color i'm using the revlon colorburst balm in adore. for my base color i'm using the revlon colorburst balm in adore.[/caption] Here I'm just filling in my lines with the same pencil I used to line them, but a real pro would use a lip brush to ensure even coverage. Tip: If you accidentally color outside of the lines, use a cotton swab and some concealer to clean up your mess! Step Four: Ombré Ok, so this step is optional. BUT if you're going for a super glam, vampy Halloween look, this ombré lip is such an easy way to achieve it. [caption id="attachment_9327" align="aligncenter" width="700"]here i'm using the darkest shade in my covergirl daring nudes quad. here i'm using the darkest shade in my covergirl daring nudes quad.[/caption] Once you've applied your dark red lipstick, use an eye shadow applicator (or your finger) to lightly pat black eye shadow into the corners of your mouth. Use a lip brush to blend! ombre lips (31) ombre lips (35) The end result is sultry but surprisingly wearable. ombre lips (47) ombre lips (49) ombre lips (55) I think this lip style would be perfect for a Halloween date or any night out this season. Own the ombré trend while it's still hot! And now, go put on your lipstick. katie-sig p.s. Are you still looking for a last-minute costume idea for this weekend? Check out these other posts for some fun inspiration: here, here, here, and here!