Makeup Monday: Homemade Lip Scrub


The first step toward looking flawless in your makeup begins with happy, healthy, naked ("nekkid") skin. Today for Makeup Monday, I want to go beneath the lipstick layer and talk about how harsh the summer sun and heat have been on my lips. In the extremely hot weather of an Arkansas summer, (just as with the extreme cold of the wintertime), my mouth gets dry, rough, cracked, chapped, feathered, and flaked-- in short, my lips were in need of the cosmetic equivalent of a belt sander.

Using simple ingredients that were already in my kitchen (BONUS), I mixed up a sugar scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes the lips without any stinging or unpleasant medicinal tastes/smells. Instructions below.


You will need:



(I used some vanilla-lavender sugar that was originally a  favor from my friend Sarah's bridal shower. It smells and tastes amazing. You could also opt for brown sugar, which has larger grains and therefore more scrubbing power.)

Extra virgin olive oil (Any light oil will do, but EVOO is what I had on hand. I think this little DIY scrub would be even more delicious made with Natalie's mint simple syrup. You could also use almond oil, grape-seed oil, or coconut oil.)


lipscrub2 (This is the binding ingredient for the scrub. The honey I used was another wonderful product of my friend Sarah's wedding; this jar was a wedding favor. )

Small mixing bowl

Small container for leftover scrub


(I just bought a two-pack of plastic pill boxes. Who knew Kroger sold sort-of-cute pill boxes?)


Put a tablespoon of sugar in your small bowl.


Slowly add a teaspoon of olive oil into the sugar.


Now add a half of teaspoon of honey. You may need to incorporate more honey to ensure the scrub is sticking together.


Once all the ingredients are blended, your sugar scrub should look like this:


Using your fingers, (and while standing over your sink), scoop out some of the scrub and apply it to your upper and lower lips. You can use your fingertips to work the sugar in small circles, or just use your toothbrush to gently rub away dead skin.

Once you've exfoliated for around 30 seconds, rinse the product away and pat your mouth dry. Immediately follow up with a super-rich moisturizer or balm. I use Nivea's mineral oil creme.


Store any extra scrub in a small, sealed container. I bought plastic pill boxes, but you could also use a contact lens case.


Full disclosure time, luvvies: I do not at all consider myself a crafty person. Nor do I relish in the challenge of a DIY project. I do, however, love the rejuvenation of a fresh-to-death scrub that I can make fo' free here in the comforts of my kitchen. This is a lazy-lady-endorsed concoction and I promise you'll love the results.


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