Makeup Monday: Halloween 2014 Makeup Inspiration

Well girls, you have just under two weeks to choose your Halloween costume. I've already shared with you some of my favorite tricks for costume-y makeup and hair; today I want to hook you up with some Halloween makeup inspiration from around the web. 1. Geisha: I'll admit, I'm one of the girls who became totally fascinated by Japanese geisha after reading Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha." I adore the traditional makeup associated with the geisha costume: thick white foundation (or face paint) applied all over face and neck, lips partially filled with bright red lip color, and black eye makeup with red highlights. Twist your hair up and secure with hair sticks (or chopsticks!), then add a kimono. Click the following picture to see the tutorial! [caption id="attachment_9244" align="aligncenter" width="700"]halloween_geisha1 photo via Makeup by Marla[/caption] 2. Lydia Deetz: This is the perfect choice for my dark-haired friends with bangs. You can shoot for either "Beetlejuice," the comic strip version or the film version-- either way this is a wonderful Halloween look. Use gel to piece up your bangs, wear all black and dark under-eye makeup. Extra points if you lug a camera around with you all night! [caption id="attachment_9245" align="aligncenter" width="700"]halloween lydia deetz collage this luvvly cartoon lydia look comes to us from deviant user hopie-chan[/caption] 3. Princess Bubblegum: If you're not familiar with this super-sweet cartoon princess, I suggest you take a short break from Hello Luvvy to watch every episode of Adventure Time EVER. In short, Princess Bubblegum is the brilliant ruler of Ooo, known as much for her skills in the science lab as for her delicious bubble-gum hair. I have a pink wig in storage, so I'm assuming most of you do, too. Add some heavy pink blush and a golden foil crown and you're ready to command your banana guards! [caption id="attachment_9246" align="aligncenter" width="700"]halloween_princess bubblegum5 photos from here and here, respectively.[/caption] 4. Childlike Empress: "The Neverending Story" is EVERYTHING. It's a children's film filled with action, heartbreak, fantasy, and a super meta plot that forces you into cheering for the creepiest flying dog in any 80's movie. Like Princess Bubblegum, the Childlike Empress is the ruler of a fictional kingdom constantly facing the threat of extinction. Secure a set of costume pearls on top of your head and apply some shimmery eye makeup and you're one slicked-back ballerina bun away from ruling Fantasia from the Ivory Tower. [caption id="attachment_9247" align="aligncenter" width="700"]halloween_childlike empress collage to the far right, you see lauren parsekian (aaron paul's wife) in her childlike empress costume![/caption] 5. Morticia Addams: Skip the Wednesday Addams costume: Morticia's the one with all the drama and allure in her look. Use white face paint and heavy contouring to give your makeup that noir feel. Add a black wig and a tight black dress and you're set! Click the picture to see the full video tutorial! [caption id="attachment_9248" align="aligncenter" width="700"]halloween_morticia addams1 picture and tutorial via madeulook twice youtube channel[/caption] I hope this post has provided you with some costume inspiration! We'd love to see your Halloween costumes this year. Tag us on instagram @hello_luvvy and your photo might be featured on our profile! Happy Monday luvvies. Now go put on your lipstick! katie-sig  

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