Makeup Monday: Golden Eyes

As you've probably gathered from our past couple of posts here at HL, we all see the holidays as a time to indulge in all things glamorous. For me, (and for many other makeup luvvers out there), colder weather means the chance to bust out all my bold and dramatic cosmetics; from Halloween through New Years' Eve, you can pretty much get away with rocking any beauty look. So today I wanted to do my take on an ultimate Christmas/ New Years' look: gold eye shadow. gold shadow (30) This particular look combines the dark lined trends of the mod '60s with the glittery, gilded lids of the '70s disco style. The end result is a MEGA GLAM gold smokey eye, which will be so perfect for your upcoming holiday party season. This look was created with the following products: gold shadow (37) 1. NYX eye pencil in White 2. Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in Black 3. NYX Roll-On shimmer in Onyx 4. NYX Baked Shadow in Ghetto Gold (not kidding, that's really what it's called) To begin, cover your lids below your crease with the white eye pencil. This acts as a primer and helps the gold appear brighter and bolder on your eyes. Go ahead and add your black eyeliner over the white pencil. I also added false lashes because hey, it's the holidays. gold shadow Next, you'll apply your dark shadow in the crease of your eye (above the white pencil). Don't worry if this is messy-- we'll blend later. However, I find that using a chubby eye pencil or a roll-on, like I have here, can dramatically cut down on shadow fallout. gold shadow (4)Now it's time to apply your gorgeous gold. I slightly dampened the small brush I used to really pack on the product. gold shadow (11)   gold shadow (18) Now blend, blend, blend. Don't be afraid to add more gold shadow if needed. After all, it's the holidays. Finish up your look with black mascara and some red lipstick! gold shadow (34)gold shadow (26) I'd luvv to see what kind of holiday looks you girls are putting together. Let me know if you try out the gold shadow trend-- and don't forget to put on some lipstick! katie-sig

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