Makeup Monday: Four Steps to Fierce, Fuller Lips

Thin-lipped luvvies: UNITE. There is hope for us, and it doesn't have to involve collagen injections. Below are four super-simple steps to get the appearance of fuller lips using tools and products you already own. Let's get started. 1) Prep your lips.  fuller lips (1) Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and some warm water to gently exfoliate your lips. Carefully dry lips with a soft washcloth, then coat with a good lip balm. 2) Line and fill lips.  fuller lips (4) Now that you've exfoliated your lips, your lipstick should slide on easily and evenly. Try making a little X on your cupid's bow to get perfect definition there. fuller lips (7) 3) Use shimmery powder to give lips dimension.  fuller lips (13)fuller lips (14) I literally just smashed my fingertip into one of my shimmery eye shadows, then gently stamped the shimmer onto the middle of my lower lip. This creates serious dimension, making your lower lip look pouty and full and fabulous. 4) Highlight area around lips.  When you see makeup models or artists when the "perfect" lip shape, this is the trick they've used-- so listen up. Using your lightest concealer (or a lighter pencil, like the NYX Wonder Pencil I'm using here), carefully highlight around the mouth. Don't forget to get in there and create a pointed V above the cupid's bow. Blend lightly. fuller lips (20) This final step makes your lips look even fuller. fuller lips (21) With an easy tutorial like this, you have no excuse to not go put some lipstick on right now. Have a great week, luvvies! full lips gif katie-sig

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