Makeup Monday: DIY Lip Stain

As most of you know, I luvv wearing lipstick. Even on the crappiest of days, putting on a little lipstick brightens my mood. After years of wearing it, there's only one downside to lipstick that I've discovered: it doesn't always want to stay on your lips. Any highly-pigmented lip color will run, bleed, smudge, and eventually end up on your clothes, your coffee mug, and that plastic spork you eat your yogurt with at lunch. powder lipstain (12) You can see how this could be problematic during the holidays: best case scenario, your lipstick will end up all over your fork at Thanksgiving dinner. Worst case? Your New Years Eve lips fade long before the ball drops. But hey, don't waste your money on new "long lasting" products. Use the following trick to turn any of your lipsticks into lip stains using some powder and an old makeup brush! 1) Exfoliate your lips and apply your chosen lipstick as normal. 2) Using an old makeup brush and some loose or pressed powder, lightly dust your lips with the powder. powder lipstain (15)powder lipstain (16)powder lipstain (2) 3) Blot lips and go! Wait around 10 minutes before applying gloss, as this will give your powder time to settle. powder lipstain (9)powder lipstain (8) Just like when you use powder to set the foundation on your face, lightly dusting your lips with powder keeps your lipstick from smudging, running, or transferring. This is an awesome secret for keeping your lips looking fresh all through the holiday season! powder lipstain (7) Now go put on your lipstick and then powder it! katie-sig    

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