Makeup Monday: Blush Basics

blush basics_feature image One look that is always in style, regardless of season or occasion, is the gorgeous glow of a freshly flushed face. Whether you're going for a dramatic pinched-cheek pink or a sun-kissed sable, blush is the way to create the skin tone and face shape of your dreams. To find the perfect blush to compliment your outfit or occasion, ask yourself these two questions: - What blush is best for my skin type? - How do I want to apply my blush? What blush is best for my skin type? I know you're wondering Why would my skin type matter when choosing a blusher? It matters a great deal, actually. And not just in regards to your skin tone and the color of the blush you buy.  For my girls with super dry skin: a normal powdery blush might not be the best option for you. The fine powder can settle into your pores (especially the super-fine grains of mineral blush) and can make your skin look cakey and even drier than normal. Instead, try a cream blush that will add moisture to your skin while also providing an all-day flush. Applied over your normal makeup (or even just a primer!), cream blush can last for up to twelve hours. I would recommend: 1) Tarte's Cheek Stain, 2) NYX Rouge Cream Blush, or (if you're feeling really fancy) 3) Josie Maran's Coconut Water Cheek Gelee  blush basics_collage1 For my oily-skinned ladies: You probably assume that since your skin is oily, you need to use tons of absorbing powder blush, right? Wrong. Regular, fine powdered cheek products won't stay put on oilier skin; they oxidize and fade out quickly, sometime even changing in color. Instead try a creamier, more heavily pigmented pressed powder. I would recommend: 1) Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush, or 2) The Balm's INSTAIN Long-Wearing Powder Blush blush basics_collage2 For luvvies with aging skin: Like with dry skin, aging skin can be made to look even older when you use micro-fine powder on your skin. Mineral cheek color can fade into your skin and make your pores appear larger and your skin duller. Something creamier, like a cheek tint, is your best bet to achieve a perfect flushed face without sacrificing your skin's brightness. I would recommend: 1) Benefit's PosieTint, or 2) Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush blush basics_collage3 How will I apply my blush?  This question is essential when purchasing any new beauty product. When you experiment with a new blusher, consider how you're going to be applying it, and if that application process fits into your morning makeup routine. Brush application: This one's pretty simple and is most popular for applying powder blushes. Get a nice, full, round brush; load up your powder, then apply directly to the "apples" of your cheeks, (under each eye), and then push the product back towards your ear. Using a brush allows for easy blending and a very natural look. Finger application: If you've decided to try a creamier cheek color, using your fingers is a great way to ensure that the blush is applied exactly where you want it. For this product application, less is always more. Get a tiny bit of cream color on your fingertips; softly rub the blush onto the fullest part of your cheeks, then again, work the color back towards your ears. If needed, you can always use a tissue or a beautyblender to make the color look more natural. BONUS: Final reminders.  Stay away from super sparkly cheek colors. Highlighting powders are not the same as blush. Avoid blushes that are too dark for your skin. Bronzers are not the same as blush. Remember to blend your blush really well. Failure to do so could leave your face looking clowny. Now pair your glowing cheeks with some lipstick! katie-sig

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