Makeup Monday: 60's Cat-Eye Tutorial

With warmer weather approaching, we can all agree that it's the perfect time to scale back your makeup. HOWEVER, there are so many summer-time parties/ weddings/ festivals/ events that allow for fun makeup trends, so I thought I would share one of my favorite 6o's-inspired looks: the heavy cat-eye. [caption id="attachment_7199" align="aligncenter" width="700"]the heavy cat-eye makes for easy glamour, as seen here on the iconic brigitte bardot. the heavy cat-eye makes for easy glamour, as seen here on the iconic brigitte bardot.[/caption] These days it seems that pretty much anything goes with eye makeup. I love looks that give you that doe-eyed, sleepy style that's at once both extremely modern and extremely feminine. Here's how I achieve this style without looking like a raccoon: I began with a soft eye shadow. If my liner is going to be the star of the show, I don't want to incorporate shadow that's super bright and/or sparkly. I chose a very neutral off-white as an all-over base, then created a small "V" shape around the outer corner of each eye with a deeper plum shade. [caption id="attachment_7200" align="aligncenter" width="700"]heavywing_collage1 i used "in the buff" all over my lids and then "voulez-vous" to make the small "V" shape at the outer edge; both shades are from the Boudoir Eyes palette by Two Faced.[/caption] **Normally, I would blend my darker shadow across the entire crease in each lid; for this look, however, I'm trying to make my eyes look big and round, so I'm sticking to just the outer corners. Now to create the heavy winged look, I'm using liquid liner. In my experience, gel liners or regular ol' pencils just don't do the trick. I started by just tight-lining across the top of each lid. heavywing_collage2 Starting at the outer edge of my original line, I then drew a shorter line out toward the edge of each respective eyebrow. Once these two initial lines are drawn, the rest is easy. I used the liner to connect the end of my wing back down into the original tight line, creating a thick cat-eye shape. heavywing_liner trio I added two coats of black mascara, (because what is life without black mascara??), and my bold 60's look is ready to go. Paired with a soft rose or nude lipstick, I think this pretty makeup trend is appropriate for a wedding or just going for margaritas on a patio. heavywing_collage3 Good luck with your winged liner, luvvies, and remember that practice makes perfect. Have a great week and go put on your lipstick! katie-sig    

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