Make Your Trips Trackable

Travel Journal_header-01 This past Saturday Mat and I sat at a little pizza joint racking our brains about where we had eaten dinner that week. We knew we had experienced greatness but we couldn’t remember where that was exactly. A maximum of seven days had passed and we had already forgotten. We believe too much in our own memories. And the moments we believe we can't forget are often tied to time we spend in a new place in a new city. Who can blame you! You are loving life. You are drinking wine. You are laughing and making friends. Those are the things you don’t forget….right? Nope, wrong. You forget. You probably forget faster than you even know. Enter the travel journal. One reason I highly suggest keeping a travel journal is because you will ultimately forget the things you want to remember. But there is another reason too. Other people want to know what things they shouldn’t miss, and the things they should avoid, when they go somewhere you have already explored. It’s likely you have been sitting around a table at lunch on a Wednesday when a coworker says, “We are going to (insert awesome vacation spot you just visited) soon! I am so excited. I know you loved it there. What should we look for? Where should we go?”  And your lackluster answer was, “Oh there was this one sandwich place, it was great, oh what was it called? Gosh. I can’t remember. But it was kinda modern and kinda eclectic and you would so  love it.” No one is shocked when your coworker misses out on the sandwich of her life. Travel. Journal. When I say travel journal you might think of a beautiful leather notebook – maybe one with your initials stamped into it like this  That’s not a bad route. Write down what you loved to eat and drink and stay. Ink the stories that you don’t want to forget and the names of the people you met along the way. Having a journal physically present might even make you want to write down more than you thought was memorable. Aside from this fun way of exercising your hand writing skills there are other ways to keep up with your travel tips that make them easy to share with others. Mat and I personally love the Evernote route. Evernote lets us create an online notebook for each place we visit and include things like pictures and pdfs. When we are out and about we just take a quick picture with our phone of something that we want to remember later. At home we run back through our phones and put any major tips for that place (example: In Napa get a driver for your own rental car – it’s cheaper when you use your own rental and you don’t get a DWI). Then we add places we ate and loved, places we would want to eat but didn’t, other stops along the way not to miss and a section on things that we didn’t feel were worth our time. You could do this on your blog or even keep track via your Instagram, but regardless of how you do it keeping track digitally makes things easy to share when your asked about your trip. Plus, It’s actually a lot of fun to sit down and recount everything – both good and bad. In the past two weeks we have had two different friends mention they were going to places we happened to have Evernote files ready for. We were able to just share the file via email. We don’t want them to have the same vacation that we did but we want them to have the best start they can. They will be glad they asked and you will be glad you had a good answer. And get this. If you want to combine the written journal with an online sharable journal Moleskin and Evernote have made that pretty easy for you. The pages of the written journal are formatted so you can take a picture of them using Evernotes Page Camera and then you have your written notes digitally accessible and sharable. Not a bad idea. Get your coworker that sandwich now. Signature_kelsey

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