Luvvly Guide to NYC Food

Luvvs! I missed bringing you food last week, but fear not, I was doing some food research despite my blogging absence. My husband and I went to visit my best friend Anita who lives in New York. To say I ate my way through the boroughs would only be a slight exaggeration. IMG_05141 While traveling it's normally my number one goal to try new, amazing foods that I haven't had before. This involves doing a  ton of research ahead of time and dragging my begrudging travelmates all over the parts of whatever city we are visiting. You're lucky, after reading this, you'll only have to do the dragging your travel partner around part. I've done the eating, researching, and iPhone snapping, and I'm here to say, these are some of the places you cannot miss while you visit NYC.


When it's time for dinner or lunch, these are the absolute, cannot misses. NYC can be a very expensive city, especially when it comes to food. This is a list of amazing, varied food that will not break your bank, but that will amaze you with flavor and exceptional flavor. 1. Brooklyn Smorgasburg - Flea/Food Market!!!! Everything There is no reason to miss this food market. Go Saturday in Williamsburg or Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is food heaven. There are soooo many vendors here and so many different types of food to try. It is the home of the infamous Ramen Burger and many other experimental foods. Have cash! IMG_05201IMG_05291IMG_05221 2. Ippudo- Ramen Ramen is all the rage right now in food. This ramen is straight out of the Japanese tradition, and it is GOOD. These hirata buns are a must as well. IMG_03861IMG_03911 3. Nom Wah Tea Parlor -Dim Sum You don't have to do dim sum in Chinatown, but why resist its allure? Yes, Chinatown can be touristy, but it does contain some of the best Chinese places to eat. We went to this traditional dim sum from 1920. Quaint, inexpensive, and delicious. Have cash unless you have an American Express card. IMG_05691IMG_05701 4. Milon - Bangladeshi/Indian If you are walking around the East Village, you will undoubtedly walk pat Milon. It is one of four Indian restaurants huddled together with bright Christmas lights shining out. Honestly, the others could be just as good, but I'm partial to this one because it looks like it has the most lights :P. The food is good, but this is really about the experience. You can't walk past these without wanting to escape into its shining allure. Thirty dollars here was enough to fill both my husband and I with three appetizers, entrees, dessert, and naan. Cash only! IMG_04511IMG_04561IMG_04601 5. Artichoke Basille's - Pizza You need to eat pizza all the time in NYC. You can (and SHOULD) get it everywhere. The best pizza place in NYC is hotly debated. I will not argue that this is definitively the best, but I will argue that it is a pie you cannot miss. Their artichoke pie is a white pie with artichoke and is really unlike any pizza I've ever had. IMG_06121 6. Miriam -  Brunch I had bourekas for the first time here, and they were sooo yummy. Bourekas with an Israeli salad, eggs, and labneh cheese. This brunch was awesome and really had a lot for every palette. If you've followed my recipes, I've probably mentioned how my husband is a picky eater. What I loved about this place is that it had unique food I haven't found in Arkansas while still having typical breakfast fair. It'd be easy to make everyone, and your wallet, happy here. IMG_06011 7. Bianca - Italian We celebrated our anniversary in NYC at this adorable Italian restaurant. This is very authentic and very fresh. Don't miss it! Cash only. IMG_06351 8. Brooklyn Bagel - Bagels! You have to eat bagels in NYC, it's an official rule. This was our first breakfast, and we loved this huge, fresh bagels.IMG_01011 9. Tacombi Cafe El Presidente - Taqueria Can't miss a good taqueria! Love the tacos here, but was really sold once I tried their freshly pressed juices. This place had great personality, drinks, and food. IMG_07331 10. Shake Shack  - Burgers Shake Shack is everywhere in NYC. Shake Shack is life. Shake Shack is an institution. Doesn't matter what size line is outside of Shake Shack. You're eating there. Get the cheese fries. Get a concrete. IMG_02151


1. Empire Cakes This bakery specializes in taking junk food and turning it into a more gourmet version. I tried their take on Swiss Roles, and am still drooling over how perfect it was. IMG_06071 2. Mister Softee For those NYC summer babies, you're going to see these everywhere. You will be walking around A LOT. Which means it's totally ok to get ice cream anytime you see one of these. I personally love the dipped cone with sprinkles.IMG_04361IMG_01881 3. Spot Dessert Bar Dessert bars are great. This dessert bar is American desserts with a Japanese twist. I tried the creme brulee cheesecake. Nom.IMG_06511 4. Big Gay Ice Cream This is on pretty much every list, and I can see why. Outside of the amazing unicorn decor, the ice cream is out of this world. Pictured here is the "Mermaid," a Key Lime dessert. I ordered the "Salty Pimp" but ate it before I could get a picture. It's a chocolate dipped cone that is FILLED with caramel and topped lightly with salt. Perfect salty sweet combo.IMG_04031 5. Momofuku Milk Bar CRACK PIE. That is all.IMG_05121 6. Laduree Macaroons Macarons in the park at sunset make me happy. There are several places to get macarons, but this place is close to the Met and Central Park. It has a sweet French flair and macaron ice cream.IMG_03721 7. Nutella Bar - Eataly NUTELLA BAR. The fact that I typed those words means that you have a reason to go to NYC. Eatly is a wonderful place to go for food in NYC, but I was really there for the Nutella bar. Tons of different nutella desserts and nutella coffees can be found here. Picture is a nutella crepe filled with fresh berries.IMG_07231 8. Ferrara Bakery Wonderful bakery in Little Italy. Famous for their "lobster tail pastry" that is a yummy pastry filled with Bavarian creme.IMG_05861 I love to travel, and I hope this will serve some of you well if you are planning a trip to NYC. I know how overwhelming it is to decide what to eat, but trust that these places provide a great experience and great food. I'm currently cleaning up the drool from my keyboard after thinking about all of this food again. Are there any favorites of yours that should be added to this list? Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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