Luvvly Daydreamin' - February 2014 Mix

LUVVLYDAYDREAMIN, February 2014 mix, spotify playlist, Luvvly Daydreamin' - Hello Luvvy February Mix 2014

  Friends! I am so excited to announce that Hello Luvvy is adding a new monthly post to our website. We will begin posting once a month a playlist that matches our theme for the month. This month we're all about beating those winter blues and celebrating the love that helps warm us from those blues. February is the hardest month of winter for me. I truly believe seasonal affective disorder is real, and I feel it most in February. February is where part of winter has lost its charm. It's turned from stark and beautiful, to "Uh more of this?". How do we fight winter despair? With the sun of course! In this time, I turn towards my internal sunshine. The sunshine that is fed by daydreaming. I daydream constantly anyway, but that daydreaming increases ten fold in the winter months. For this reason, I found songs that appealed to the daydreamer in me. These are songs that shine sunbeams and warm your heart and soul with luvvy undertones. Just click the link above and enjoy! And start looking out for a new playlist each month. May sunbeams find you, Melinda  

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