London Summer Sip

Pimms in London

Daiquiris. Margaritas. Mojitos. Summer Beer. When you go to the lake, the pool or if you are one lucky son-of-a-gun the beach I bet you think of drinking one of these things. If I had any body of water close enough to visit I would soak it all up with a fresh Margarita. I. love. them. I don’t have a body of water even remotely close enough to visit here in London. But I do have a park and with the arrival of a light summer heat I have felt like drinking something summery. Because surely that’s one thing God has given us to enjoy responsibly – summer drinks. I probably would have stuck with a crisp white wine for all my picnic needs in July and August but then London introduced me to it’s summer liquid of choice. Pimm’s. And if you can’t come to London this summer and say a quick hello to me and mine you might as well drink like you did. See they don’t do this so much in the US of A. I have seen a Pimm’s cup at a few places in Dallas – Neighborhood Services comes to mind. In Houston I ordered one at my single visit to the killer bar Anvil. But these were winter versions. They were good. But they weren’t sweet tea colored and mixed with lemonade, fresh fruit and ice. Summer Pimm’s happens to be just that If you haven’t met Summer Pimm’s I would be honored and thrilled to introduce you. It’s the cocktail that encapsulates everything that is London in the summer. Easy going, light, tastes of a tropical day dream without actually being tropical and is gone before you would like it to be.


Pimm’s is a liquor. Well, it’s a secret liquor mix actually. It’s gin plus unknown liquors and herbs mixed in. So basically I can’t exactly explain it. Summery goodness should cover it though. Go to your local liquor store and get you some Pimm’s. Mix up a pitcher and imagine drinking it in Hyde Park at the Kensington Gardens with Kate, Will and their tiny royal to be (boy, girl, what will it be??) in the shade of Kensington Palace. The recipe is below. Just mix it all together – preferably in large amounts with the intended purpose of sharing

1 Part Pimm’s

3 Parts Lemonade







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