Living with Souvenirs

living-with-your-souviners_Header-01 For me, souvenirs are often like New Years: lots of hype followed by a large let down. There's this pressure to find the right thing. I've found myself caught in the experience of looking for a souvie instead of the experience of being in a place that is souvenir worthy. We have taken quite a few trips to places where the plan was to return with something exotic that perfectly fits in our home, while reminding of us of the amazing time we had without ever screaming "I FOUND THIS IN A SOUVIE SHOP!" The reality is that we returned to our Dallas home with very few of those items. Someone needs to write a blog post for me on chilling out and stumbling upon the perfect textile or trinket or kitchen item from your travels that eventually create an air of traveled sophistication and light-hearted fun for your home. I mean, they make it seem possible in Elle Decor. I would read that post. I digress... Even though we only have a few souvenirs that have become a part of how we live, I love each and every one of them.  The fact that they live out and about in our home or are even usable means the memories are closer, easier to bring to mind, than those from non-souvie places. Would you like to know what we found? Can I give you some souvenir inspiration and a look into what we live with around here? First, this tea kettle.

Kettle close up

I love this kettle. It's copper…obvious by it's coppery-ness. We found it while perusing the antique stalls on Portobello Road one Saturday with my in-laws. My father-in-law purchased it for me because I liked it and the story the man who sold it to us told me.  A story I can't remember in the slightest - the baby was still really little and exhausting, that's my excuse. Full Kettle It stays on our stove. A little bit of England in our Texas sized kitchen. Second, these metal boxes.

Close up Boxes

We got these at Jemaa el-Fnaa, one of the largest markets in the world. You would find it in Marrakesh, Morocco. We loved them and the million others like them that were sold there. I didn't care that there were a ton of these, I just wanted one of them as my own. Metal boxes full They came from one of the nice (read: overbearing but complimentary haggler) shop owners whose stall was right next to the one where a man called out to a very pregnant me and a very small Mat walking around holding hands. He said "Skinny Man! Lady with baby! I have something nice for you!" Turns out they are indestructible. Faye can throw them, she can bite them, she can take the lids off and hide them places but they always come back together looking like a toddler never touched them. This was not my intention, just a gift of grace from above specifically meant to make sure we had something for our coffee table.


And last, this blanket.

blanket above

Another market purchase but this time from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Mat wanted to haggle for it so bad but the shop owner was resolute that he wasn't one of those haggling types and I was resolute that I wanted the blanket. Mat was forced to succumb to both of us.

throw full

I use this blanket no less than four times a week. It is one of about seven home items that moved to London with us. Traveling in Turkey with one of our very best couple friends and the memories we made there, make wrapping up in my turkish blanket feel nostalgic instead of lazy when I choose to sit on the couch for a bit.

blanket close up

I love that we have a handful of souvenirs that are part of our home. I'd love to have stumbled upon more. But the ones we do possess have found there place in our home and therefore our lives. I'd suggest finding those kinds of souvenirs or none at all. Anything you luvvlies have a spot for at home from your travels? kelsey-sig  

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