Lime Crime's Blue Milk


Last week I introduced you all to Lime Crime, one of my favorite up-and-coming cosmetic lines. If you haven't yet popped onto their website to order their Velvetine lip colors, now's the time, as they've just remodeled their site and it's looking fab.


The luvvies at Lime Crime are always the leaders in seasonal makeup trends, so of course they are completely dominating the neon eyeliner game. Now let's get real here: you all know how hesitant I am about extending beyond my browns-and-shades-of-tan eye color comfort zone. But it's almost as if by wearing this daring summer look, I could actually feel like I'm wild and fun. And for around $14 from, you don't have to go too wild on your wallet.


The eyeliner I chose is in Blue Milk, which seemed a bit more wearable to me than the hi-lighter yellow or the traffic-cone orange. Once I received the product and saw how truly sky-blue the liner is, my main concern became avoiding a Mimi (from Drew Carey) look.



Of course it's a liquid liner, but the more you practice with liquid liner, the better you will become at applying it. You'll notice that my application isn't without flaw; remember that when putting together a funky look for your eyes, cotton swabs are the best for cleaning up lines and blending shades.


I started, per usual, with my Two Faced lid primer in Champagne. From there I added an all-over shadow (Foxy), and a crease shade (Naked 2), from my Naked Basics palette. I wanted to keep my lids tame so the blue liner could take the spotlight.


From there I carefully tight-lined my upper lid, keeping the brush as close to my lashes as possible. You can tell I got a bit too close in some places! The Blue Milk is, in fact, somewhat milky, so more than one coat of the liner was necessary.


I will never give up on a winged liner, so of course I extended my lines a bit. Two or three coats of black mascara later, and boom: I am feeling so hip.


Well there you have it, luvvies: the neon eyeliner can be done without looking too cray. If any of you are bold enough to experiment with this fun summer look, share with us on twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest!



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