Life Traveling for Luvvly Ladies

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The odds are good that you are a traveler. Travel is officially defined as, "make a journey, typically of some length." We can all be travelers because we journey down the pathways of our lives. Traveling through your life means making true friends, loving your family,  dealing with disappointment, encourage people who are hurting, examining your own motives and being purposeful with your words and your actions. It means that some things go the way you plan and others don't, even some of the really really big important things don't, and we don't think that's unfair. Our pathways change us, they are our journeys and everyone of us has some length to travel from where we start. A life well traveled is seen in the distance, typically of some length, from the person you were to the person you are now. Life traveling creates women of all kinds, who are in some ways exactly the same. It molds women of conviction who walk with a confidence, seasoned with selflessness. Women you know are important because important is exactly how they make you feel. They create women who are real without being harsh. Some of the women I respect the most, the women I think deal gracefully with the swells of the world around them, haven't experienced another culture whose distance is calculated by miles, states, or oceans. But all of the most impressive women I know have experienced cultures separated by a distance calculated in minutes, days, years or even moments. Their journeys are defined by great achievements and disheartening trials that leave them with an uncanny ability to walk through both in wisdom and grace. These women are well traveled. These women are in every city and every country. They are the praiseworthy women. I can't sit on my couch and raise a glass to the women of history who have changed the future because they left everything of home behind when I know far too many who have done the same by staying put. Non-travelers run in place. After a while they look down and see that the screen on the treadmill can tell them how far they would have gone if they'd only gotten off the conveyor belt, and that everything around them still looks exactly the same. I want everyone to travel. I hope every luvvly lady looks back and sees someone different, liking the person they are now better than the one they remember, and at the same time dreaming of who they might become. Things look different for travelers, that's what I believe. So here's to all the women who are inspiring us by walking their own journeys well. Women's History Month is about everyone of you. Signature_kelsey  

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