Let's Get Crafty in 2014

If getting crafty and thrifty was one of your resolutions this year then let us help you with that. If you are one of those individuals that loves the idea of DIY but live by the assumption that you are "not crafty" (trust me I hear it all the time), then this is your go to crafting blog. First of all, all our projects are simple, quick, and affordable. Anyone can do them! We provide step by step instructions with images to help you along the way. I consider myself a "quick crafter." I love creating and making things as long as it is not too meticulous. Here is a list of some of our favorite DIY projects so far that might help you take on the task of becoming a crafting guru.

DIY Welcome Mat

DIY rugAn absolute favorite! Easy and perfect to make all year round for every occasion.

Kate Spade Inspired Tote

kate spade inspired toteAnother great craft that is fun and simple. It also adds a little flare to your wardrobe.

Spice Up Your Bar Stools

before-after-barstoolsDo your bar stools need a little pick me up? Well this craft is easy and will add a unique touch to your home.

Fabric Pom Garland DIY 

fabric-garlandThis is an adorable DIY and a fun addition to your mantle or nursery.

Jewelry Tray DIY

DIY jewelry holderCreate a home for your jewelry, odds and ends, or even a dainty cupcake stand. This DIY is very pretty and inexpensive.

So get crafting luvvies! And please email us if you have any questions:




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