Laura Mullins: "good things will happen"

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Hi, HelloLuvvy readers! I’m so excited to be a guest blogger today! The outfit I’m wearing here is actually a li’l sneak peek of some products we’ve been photographing for our soon-to-launch online shop at I’ve really been diggin’ fitted vests lately, and I think they’re just perfect for fall when paired with looser, shift-style dresses. Throw on a pair of ankle boots, a statement accessory, add tights or thigh highs if it’s cold out, and you’re good to go! With the exception of my fave men’s boots—which were a sweet vintage find in NYC—everything I’m wearing is from right here at grey dog boutique (‘70s shift dress, ‘70s pinstriped vest, and ‘70s Afghani cuff).

When Darcy suggested that I share a little bit about my career path with y’all, it really made me think: if someone had told me a year ago that I’d be getting to work with my dream partner and close friend, Molly Clark, full-time and that I’d be constantly surrounded by vintage treasures, blogging for a living, building an e-commerce website, styling outfits and photo shoots on the reg, and even modeling every once in awhile…it would have been very hard for me to fathom. While I don’t believe any job or career is perfect or fun or easy at all times, this is pretty much as close to perfect as it gets for me—especially considering that I never expected to work in fashion.

In college, I changed my major four times, trying desperately to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. After dabbling in several fields and changing my mind about things practically every day, I decided to study English Literature at the University of Arkansas. I absolutely loved reading, writing, and learning about all the different genres of literature (nerd alert: my favorites included Science Fiction and Jewish American Literature). I wasn’t quite sure how I would use my degree, but I knew that learning to communicate, analyze, and write effectively would be helpful no matter what I did. Even though Molly and I always fantasized about working together in a larger capacity, it seemed a lot more far off than it actually was, and we weren’t sure it was possible.

In retrospect, everything I did in my college years helped prepare me for the work I’m doing now, and I didn’t even know it. I started a personal style blog, fell in love with social media, met Molly, became even more passionate about vintage and sustainable fashion than I already was, and strengthened my work ethic like crazy. I wasn’t quite sure what I was working towards, but eventually, everything fell into place. After graduating and landing my first big girl job—where I gained extremely valuable experience and met some incredible people, I returned to grey dog just six months later. Molly had been working her little tushy off the whole time and expanded the shop from our beloved 1973 Airstream trailer into a drop dead gorgeous brick and mortar that I’m still obsessed with to this day. Having her as a partner is and always will be a dream come true. I don’t want to get too cheesy here, but I really believe that if you work hard and surround yourself with talented people that inspire and challenge you, good things will happen.

Come visit our store in Fayetteville and check out where I usually blog at!


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