Korean Peel-off Lip Tint from Berrisom

Hello, luvvies. Today I introduce your next favorite lip product: peel-off lip stains. These lip stains are from the awesome Korean cosmetics company Berrisom, and I must admit, the whole process is a bit bizarre. But I can also vouch for the staying power of these lip tints: I did makeup for my best friend's (10-am-on-the-beach) wedding this past weekend and the Berrisom lip tint lasted all through her gorgeous ceremony, the brunch afterwards, and the beach-sitting/beer-drinking that followed. This lip tint is TRIED and TRUE. IMG_4916IMG_4918 I ordered this Oops! My Lip Tint Pack from Berrisom via Amazon. When it comes to Korean makeup and beauty products, Amazon has some great options. This pack of six lip stains cost around $20. And each shade is (sometimes strangely) scented! IMG_4922 I chose to use the "Virgin Red" shade -- cherry-scented, go figure -- and the product itself comes out super thick, sticky, and glossy. IMG_4927 As per the instructions that I made up in my head, (because almost every word on the packaging is in Korean), I applied the lip tint all over my top and bottom lips. Again, prepare for major stickiness. After a couple of trial-and-error run-throughs, I discovered that less is actually more with this lip stain; if you slather on too much of the tinting gloss, you'll find your teeth (temporarily) stained, too. Another tip: try to keep your lips separated to expedite the drying process and to avoid getting the product on your teeth/inside your mouth. I wore the gloss until it dried, which was about 10 minutes. Now for the fun part: the great peel-off. IMG_4935 Starting at one corner of my mouth, I gently used my fingernails to separate the (now dried) lip mask from my mouth. My husband insists that this step looks a little gory and gruesome, and looking back perhaps I should have chosen a different (slightly less bloody-looking) shade for my HL demo. IMG_4940 After peeling the dried tint off of both top and bottom lips, the color is bright but still has a softness to it that only a lip stain can create. IMG_4944IMG_4960 I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed with this lip tint. In the past, other lip tints and stains have left my lips looking dry and streaky; or they only last through my first sip of Diet Coke. This peel-off tint from Berrisom is by far the best lip stain I've ever used, even if the process is a little out of the ordinary.  

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