Keeping Style Simple: Trendy Tuesday

The older I get, the more I push myself to simplify my style. While I  love accessories and details, it can get really confusing when you are trying to put them all together. From the base of your look (dress, skirt or jeans), to adding shoes, a bag, hat, scarf, vest, jewelry and sunglasses: the most important piece your look is supposed to be all about can get lost in all the excess. I know that I prefer looks that are chic and simple. And from a girl who puts her outfits on the internet and then pores over them, I've found that the outfits that I like least are the ones to which I added too many accessories, when all I really cared about showing you were those pants or that skirt. Trying to figure out what you really like is hard. I still feel like I am in that process, but I would advise anyone to stick to what makes you feel comfortable and try to simplify where you can. Would this scarf look great over a chunky sweater with a bolero? Absolutely, but this outfit is all about the scarf and that is how I like it. holiday scarf holiday scarf holiday scarf holiday scarf

Scarf: Riffraff, American Apparel body suit: Grey Dog Boutique, Jeans: J.Crew, B.C. Booties: Maude Boutique, Bangles: Bella Vita Jewelry

 Lauren Blair Photography

This scarf is reversible with white on one side and black on the other and you can completely transform your whole look just by moving it from your shoulders to around your neck. Just another reason I love it.

Ladies don't stress over too many elements in your look; just try to keep it simple where you can. Your most important accessory should always be your smile and confidence anyhow. When you have trusted your fashion gut and are wearing what you love, those two—most important accessories— will make you feel most beautiful.


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