Jump Right In: 10 Jumpsuits to Luvv

By now you luvvies have to know that I am a fan of the jumpsuit (A.K.A. Onesie). The reasons  start at comfort and end with great prints and cuts that are not only perfect for every body type, but extremely fashion forward. Jumpers are slimming because often times the waistline hits right where it needs to, at the smallest part of your waist, thus accentuating your womanly form. You can add belts and pendent necklaces to accentuate the illusion of long, tall, and curvy. You can also dress jumpers up for the office and down for the beach, or lunching with friends. They are, as I believe I have proven to you, possibly the perfect outfit. So here are 10 that I think you should consider jumping into today. [show_lookbook_widget id="138688"]   This part is pretty simple, but just incase you needed some inspiration to get your styling brain going here are a few shoes and belts that would look great paired with your new jumpsuit.  

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Now, go jump into that favorite new look in your wardrobe: the jumpsuit!


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