Jewelry Tray: DIY

I am more than embarrassed to show you what the top of my dresser looks like, but here it is - extremely disorganized! I decided to try to shape it up by creating some dainty jewelry trays to give everything a proper home.


Let's get started!

All you need are some plates, bowels, candle holders, and a hot glue gun. This project is extremely versatile. You could use virtually any type of plates. I found some glass ones at a local dollar store. Each piece seen below was $1, so the total cost of this DIY project: $8. You can't beat that!


Step 1: Just start stacking and glueing. I placed glue directly on the candle holders, then after I stuck them to the plates I glued around them for added stability. Now, I believe there are special glues out there specifically for glass you might want to try. My trays are staying together fine for this purpose, but if you plan on creating these for party serving dishes (which would be perfect), you might want to consider a stronger glue.

DIY Jewelry organizer

DIY jewelry tower

That's it!

DIY Jewelry holder

Now, just place your jewelry, perfume, nail polish, glasses, etc. and get things organized.

DIY jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry Holder

DIY Jewelry holder

DIY jewelry tray

I absolutely prefer my counters like this, and I like that I can still see all my jewelry when I am getting ready. I plan to make a couple more for my guest bathroom. Follow us on Instagram @hello_luvvy to see the results!


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