Introducing: The Hello Luvvy Book Club

book club feature We are so proud to announce the launch of Hello Luvvy's very own book club. We've been kicking the idea around since we began publishing on the site, (almost one whole year ago!), and starting next month, it will be a reality. All of our writers here at Hello Luvvy are endlessly committed to bringing you content that will empower you, enrich your daily lives, and entertain you. When Melinda -- our other resident English teacher -- and I began to discuss the details of starting a book club, our aim was to incorporate a new element into the site that would not only feed our readers' brains, but would also create another platform for discourse on the various issues facing women today.

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Essentially, the club will work like this: 1) You sign up. Send us an email at helloluvvy(at)gmail(dot)com. Or you can subscribe to our email list, which will ensure that you'll receive the most timely information about the books we're reading. 2) Get the book. Within the next couple of weeks, we'll be revealing the title of the first book that we'll be reading as a club. We might even be giving away a couple copies of the book as we get closer to April, so keep an eye out! 3) READ. Melinda and I will be reading along with you, and all throughout April (and every subsequent month) we'll be making weekly posts about our progress through the book, as well as our thoughts about it. Join the convo by commenting! 4) Meet up and nerd out. At the end of each month, Melinda and I will be meeting up to talk about our final thoughts on the book over coffee or cupcakes or maybe even beers? While we're both in Central Arkansas, we'd luvv to see our NWA readers meet up as well! We are so thrilled about this addition to Hello Luvvy. If you have any questions -- or suggestions -- regarding the book club, please hit us up at helloluvvy(at)gmail(dot)com, or you can holler at us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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See you soon, bookworms! Katie-Signature

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