Initial Thoughts

by 6 March 04, 2013

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The Lone Male: Interesting name as it reminded me of The Lone Ranger, a fictional masked character who had affiliations with the great state of Texas. He used his hands, thoughts, and words to combat injustice. I don’t aspire to be an enduring icon, but being able to wear a mask (typically Darth Vader) is worthwhile. This website serves a purpose and is intended to be more than a vehicle for creative individuals to write about arts and humanities. I feel that as time goes more will unfold on the purpose of Hello Luvvy and the intentions of its contributors and followers. While our approach may be decentralized, we have big hopes. Let the 4th wave of feminism begin, circa 2013 (profound voice). Only if it was this simple? Awareness is simple (at times), thinking is simple (at times, revisited), and with this section of the website, thinking is highly endorsed. As the ‘Lone Male’ of Hello Luvvy, rest assured that I am far from omniscient/all-knowing on subjects that are important to women. It was asked “What can a male bring to the table?" In the sense of contribution to the website, my hopes are to add depth to topics that all sexes, specifically women, can appreciate. By adding a male perspective we can gain insight, dispel, affirm, define, re-define, find clarity, and laugh on a variety of subjects. Know that my role with the website is important to me. The variation in topics that will be touched are interesting and layered. My initial thoughts upon reviewing the list was that they required more than a quick response and at times they required research and investigation, and I look forward to it all.

J.R. Pulido